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Registration for REC and In-House Basketball has Closed.

There are a few remaining rosters spots at the groups below:

1-2 Grade Girls 
3-4 Grade Girls (2)
3-4 Grade Boys (1)

If you are interested in playing at the levels above, please register at the link below.

    Welcome to Warriors Basketball!

    MHAA Boys and Girls Basketball is committed to providing a Recreational experience to Kindergarten (Co-Ed) and 1-2 Graders (Non Co-Ed); an In-House experience to 3-4 Graders (Non Co-Ed); and a Traveling experience to 4-8 graders.

    The MHAA Basketball program is run by a Basketball Commissioner and is governed by the MHAA Board of Directors.  Program level or age level Coordinators may also be utilized in certain years.

    Additional information can also be found by clicking the links above for Recreational, In-House and Traveling basketball programs.


    We offer Kindergarten (Co-ed) and 1-2nd Grade (Boys & Girls) Basketball each winter. Players are divided into teams of approximately 8 kids and will be assigned coaches. The teams will practice as a team and play mini games against other teams (no referees, no score, just for the love of play.)
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    The structure of training sessions will be similar to that of older players. A greater level of coaching and time will be spent in developing a players technical (dribbling, passing, catching, shooting and defending) skills, as well as tactical knowledge (positioning, plays, defending, problem solving) and finally, athleticism (speed, strength, footwork, balance). Teams will practice/play 2-3 times a week in the winter.
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    We offer traveling basketball for grades 5-8 girls and 4-8 boys. Traveling basketball is a significant increase in commitment, time and competition from recreation and in-house. A greater focus will be placed on maximizing a players potential, competing successfully in games and creating a realistic environment that players will experience in the future.
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